This page is based on the Working Session: “What a smart city needs in terms of health care” at the Oxford Internet Institute’s Symposium on Big Data and Human Development, 15th September 2016

Click here for a pdf of the presentation for this working session.

The University of Nottingham was awarded EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship to support multi-institutional activity, in particular the Data Driven Discovery Research Priority Area and Big Data. Highly interdisciplinary project was proposed, by a team from different departments within the University of Nottingham and from University College of London and the University of Oxford, as two founding partner universities of the Alan Turing Institute.

This project is to explore solutions to and requirements of the challenges we face to manage and analyse big geospatial data. Within this project 5 seminars and workshops have already been organised to engage three main disciplines, including social sciences, medical sciences, and engineering. They have been held, at Nottingham and UCL on geospatial big data management, and meta data, big geospatial data and uncertainty, privacy and crowd sourced data, as well as at the Oxford Internet Institute’s Big Data and Human Development symposium.

Get Involved: to contribute to this project, we ask participants to generate a project concept on “What the smart city needs in terms of the health care” - this can be an application such as smart health monitoring app, ambient intelligent elderly assistive technology, diagnosis assistive services, medical expert systems, etc.

Outline your project idea focussing on:

  • What are the (technological, social, economic, academic) requirements for your idea to be implemented
  • What organisations might be involved, and work together to provide such service/technologies
  • What are the challenges to implementing this idea
  • Please email your summary to 

We have set up this page on the network, and will email out to all attendees who are interested. We have set up a discussion and networking facility so that interested partners can connect together. Please post your idea in the discussion (you will need to register and login to the network), and please email a copy by clicking here.

We will also post up about funding schemes, studentship grants, networking awards, etc. related to your ideas and put you in touch with people who might be interested in. So please do register your interest by posting below, or to the email address above.

Thank you for your valuable contribution!