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The following invitation to take part in trials methodology research comes from the Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research (HTMR) which was established by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) to improve the quality of clinical trials (translations of this invitation are also available in French, Chinese and Spanish):

Dear Participant,

Trials methodology research investigates the methods, practices and procedures that are used for the design, conduct, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of clinical trials.

The Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research (HTMR) was established by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) to improve the quality of clinical trials. A previous project undertaken by the MRC HTMR identified the methodology research topics felt to be most important to Directors of registered clinical trials units (CTUs) within the UK for example: methods to boost recruitment, adaptive trial designs, sample size calculations. We now wish to extend this work to establish the methodological research priorities in low to middle income (LMIC) countries. A list of the members of the Steering Group for this project is given at the end of this letter.

You are being invited to take part in this first round of the survey because you belong to a network of health professionals and methodologists with clinical trials experience in LMIC settings.

The responses we receive in this first round will be fed back to recipients in the form of a survey to enable priorities to be refined.

We would like you to complete an on-line questionnaire, accessed via the link below, to let us know your views of the priorities for trials methodological research in LMICs. The questionnaire should take around 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the questionnaire, you will also be asked if you would like to take part in the next round. If you agree to this, responses from the initial questionnaire will be sent to you by email and you will be asked to score each topic to allow the priorities to be refined.

(The survey will remain open for responses until the 23rd January 2017).

If you provide us with your name and email address for involvement in the next round or in order to be sent a copy of the findings, your details will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party. If you complete both rounds of the survey, we will enter your name into a prize draw to win a free place at the joint ICTMC/SCT conference in Liverpool, May 7-10th 2017, with expenses to cover travel and accommodation, up to a total cost of £2,500.

A copy of the results will be provided to you if you wish and will also be available at

Results may also be published elsewhere and may be used for some other research. You will not be identifiable when the findings are published or shared with others.

Steering Group Members:

Aneel Bhangu, University of Birmingham, UK

Louise Bowman, Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Service Unit (Oxford) Hub, University of Oxford, UK

Jane Blazeby, Medical Research Council ConDUCT-II Hub, University of Bristol, UK

Mike Clarke, Northern Ireland Network for Trials Methodology Research, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Trudie Lang, University of Oxford, UK

Mona Nasser, University of Plymouth, UK

Nandi Siegfried, South African Medical Research Council, South Africa

Karla Soares-Weiser, Cochrane and Cochrane Innovations, UK

Matt Sydes, Medical Research Council CTU at UCL, London, UK

Duolao Wang, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

Paula Williamson, North West Hub for Trials Methodology Research, University of Liverpool, UK

Junhua Zhang, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Further information can be obtained from:
Anna Rosala-Hallas, Research Assistant, Department of Biostatistics, University of Liverpool;
Telephone: 0044151 282 4722; Email:

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 24 Jan 2017

    Dear members,
    Thank you for showing your interest in trials methodology research. Please enter the questionnaire by following this link, .
    (The survey will remain open for responses until the 23rd January 2017)

    Please refrain from posting your personal email and phone number on the comments. Thank you very much.

  • ananeapraku80 ANANE APRAKU EDWARD 22 Jan 2017

    Thanks for the invitation. I am happy to be part of this survey.
    Thanks greatly

  • Indeed Thank you very much for your concern and am glad to participate because am an academician and i have been conducting a lot of researches including case control study so i need it very urgently!Thanks again

  • kennedyc59 KENNEDY CHARLES 19 Jan 2017

    thank u greatly i have participated in PHIA (population Based HIV impact Assessment study) and i have the enormous experience in research work involving human subjects.

  • tahirbaga63 IBRAHIM TAHIR 18 Jan 2017

    Thank you so very much for this great opportunity, i have not participated in any clinical trials before. i numerous experience in both clinical and field survey research knowledge and very ready to participate in all the rounds. i also have academic training in the field of public health and chemistry.

  • papandarukwa Ndarukwa Pisirai 17 Jan 2017

    thanks for your invitation. I have not participated in clinical trials before. However, I do have vast experience in both quantitative and qualitative as well as mixed methods approach. I am willing to participate in the clinical trials

  • mtangute tangute 17 Jan 2017

    Thank you very much for the invitation. I haven’t participated in clinical trials .I have experience in quantitative and qualitative studies. If possible, I am willing to participate in clinical trials

  • wondimuashagre Wondimu Ashagre 17 Jan 2017

    Wondimu Ashagre,
    Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in this survey. I am working currently in clinical trial team on MTBDR. I have an experience in mycobacteriology ZN microscopy and FDA, culture, conventional DST, molecular LPA methods and a lot skills on laboratory based research. I take a ICH GCP, and GCLP training from you. I want to be your part that's my interest so please contact me and I want to share my experience.

  • etembusa Ester Mbusa 17 Jan 2017

    Thank you for the invitation I also not participated in clinical trials. I have experience in qualitative and quantitative studies. However, I will be happy to participate in clinical trials as well

  • mohammedteni Mohammed Teni 17 Jan 2017

    Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in such important survey and clinical trial. If you want me I am ready to involve on the survey for both round and clinical trial as well. I have an experience of observational studies, quantitative and qualitative survey.I have participated on opportunities and barriers in adolescent and youth reproductive health, anaemia vs academic performance among adolescent school girls and so on. If you want me to participate in please let me know.
    Mohammed Teni

  • dimuthpeiris Dimuth Peiris 17 Jan 2017

    I also have not participated in clinical trials.My experience is on observational studies and surveys on mataernal and child health. If you still want me to participate in the survey I am happy to do so. Pls let me be know.
    Dimuth Peiris- Sri Lanka

  • gluchetti56 Gabriela Luchetti 16 Jan 2017

    Sorry, but I never participated in one clinical trial.
    I only have worked in observational studies, like surveys and in qualitative studies in the sexual and reproductive health field
    Best regards
    Gabriela Luchetti