From June 2019, The Global Health Network has joined the new MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP), as part of the MRC Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research. This will allow researchers in low to middle income countries may have access to new resources being developed as Methodology research progresses.

The recording of the November Webinar – hosted by UK TMN in collaboration with the HTMR Network is now available.

Involving the Public with Trials Methodology Research

Katie Gillies, University of Aberdeen and Heather Barrington, University of Liverpool. Presentation slides and webinar recording now available to view here 

Visit the TMRP webpage to view recordings of the first TMRP series of webinars.

A joint seminar from PHEPREN & GFBR: Ethics of adaptive trial designs


The urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the investigation of multiple potential therapies in a timely way. In this context, adaptive trials are taking place to investigate multiple treatments and that are intended to continue beyond the evaluation of any one treatment. These complex trials have the potential to answer more questions efficiently and improve care for research participants by dropping therapies that are shown to be ineffective, but they present challenges. How should the risks and benefits be communicated to participants, understanding that the benefit:harm ratio may change over the course of the study? What consent model is appropriate for such dynamic trials? And how can regulators and research ethics committees be supported to understand and evaluate these statistically and logistically complex trials?

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Click here to view this seminar in full screen.

Click here to view this seminar in full screen. 

Webinar: A global Health Trials Methodological Research Agenda

08 April 2020

A practical introduction to methodology research and the project that aimed to develop a Global Health Trials Methodological Research Agenda by Anna Rosala-Hallas (University of Liverpool, UK) and Elizabeth Allen (University of Cape Town, South Africa). 

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