Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, events may be changed or cancelled. Please contact the organisers for more details.

Location Date Title Organisation Further details
Online April - October 2020 TMRP Webinar series Trial Methodology Research Partnership  https://www.methodologyhubs.mrc.ac.uk/about/tmrp/
Online 8th - 9th & 20th October 2020 COMET 2020 Webinar series Core Outcomes for Effectiveness Trials (COMET) http://www.comet-initiative.org/
Online 14 - 15 October 2020 HRB TMRN Trial methodology Symposium Health Research Board - Trials methodology Research Network https://www.hrb-tmrn.ie/about-us/
Harrogate, UK 11th - 14th October 2021 ICTMC 2021 6th International Clinical Trails Methodology Conference - Register your interest https://ictmc.org/

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