On Tuesday, March 1st 2022, The MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP), of which The Global Health Network is a partner, was awarded the 2021 Cochrane-REWARD second prize.

The award recognizes successful local or pilot initiatives that have potential to reduce research waste globally if scaled up. This year’s nominees were identified for their contributions to tackling research waste relevant to COVID-19. Professor Paula Williamson accepted the prize on behalf of TMRP.

The Cochrane Connects REWARD Prize 1st March 2022 Ceremony:

TMRP, which brings together several networks, institutions, and partners working in trials methodology research, was awarded second prize for its significant contributions to COVID-19 methods research, including strengthening networks, minimising duplicate efforts, and facilitating impactful research. TMRP was praised for prioritising low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) in its methods research efforts, as well the partnership's potential to grow to scale.

The Global Health Network has been a partner of TMRP since 2019 and helps manage the MRC-NIHR TMRP Global Health Working Group. Through this partnership, The Network provides specific support to researchers working in LMICs by highlighting relevant information about training, events, and news on the Global Health Methodology Research Knowledge Hub.

The Global Health Network also manages the TMRP Pump-Priming Grants for LMIC clinical trials methodology research projects. Seven such projects have been awarded and are ongoing in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Thailand and South Africa in a range of topics involving pilot studies, randomisation, community engagement, informed consent, data reuse and cultural competence in trial design and conduct.

Professor Trudie Lang, Director of The Global Health Network said, “This award is a reflection of the leadership of The Global Health Network community in contributing to and facilitating COVID-19 methodology research. The impact of which will continue on to enable efficient health research that generates the evidence needed to tackle diseases in every setting by local researchers to benefit their communities.”.

Dr. Elizabeth Allen, Scientific Coordinator at The Global Health Network said, “This partnership has enabled more researchers working in low resource settings to contribute to, and benefit from, innovation in how clinical research studies are designed, conducted, analysed and reported. This is important for ensuring studies are context-specific yet globally relevant”.

Interested in getting involved? Learn more and become a member of one or more TMRP Working Groups: MRC/NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership


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