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  • umarsap Umar Ibrahim 18 Sep 2014

    Umar Ibrahim, Nigeria and Public Health Research and Policy

  • priyankatiwari6328 Priyanka Tiwari 3 Jan 2015

    Priyanka Tiwari, Student, Masters in Pediatric Nursing, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Mukadas Akindele, Kano, Nigeria. Teaching and Research (Bayero University Kano).

  • sfrimpong88 Samuel Yaw Frimpong 29 Jul 2019

    Samuel Yaw Frimpong. Construction researcher and lecturer. Married to a registered mental nurse. Getting ready to do my PhD in mental health interventions for construction workers using mixed methods research.

  • muvandimwebonheur Muvandimwe Bonheur 1 Aug 2019

    Bonheur muvandimwe, student, bachelor in human nutrition and dietetics, kigali, Rwanda

  • Nuru Suleiman Muhammad, A public health Physician from Nigeria. I have a lot of experience in mixed methods of research.

  • hmbrindley Heather Brindley 17 Nov 2020

    Heather Brindley, Knowledge Architect, Australia. My background is Natural Sciences, Plant Biophysics, Information Systems, Technology. I've also worked at a Seed Bank and considered using bioinformatics research techniques there.

  • jahmtengezo Jasintha Mtengezo 26 Aug 2021

    Jasintha Mtengezo, Researcher and administration, Malawi

  • Ngnedjou Francoise Foute Nwabufo with a back ground in Nursing and Midwifery presently a PhD student, with very little knowledge in Research, from Cameroon where I lead a community based civil society organisation in global health and primary health care activities,

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